Fair Trade Shea Butter

The popularity for 100% organic shea butter is increasing as consumers are more conscientious about the health risks of pesticides and other contaminants being added to agricultural products. 100% organic shea butter starts by knowing the source of the nuts. Organic bulk shea butter is produced from shea nuts collected from land that is away from traffic, human settlements, rubbish dump sites, possible contaminated water sources, or agricultural areas that might use pesticides.
The area in which Global Mamas shea nuts are harvested is completely free of pesticide use and any potential chemical contaminants, providing you the finest quality wholesale shea butter. No chemicals are used in the growth, harvesting, nor processing of the shea nuts which are used to make Global Mamas wholesale shea butter. We document our nuts from collection through processing, to ensure only nuts collected from our natural plot of land are used to make Global Mamas wholesale shea butter.

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